The Pinnacle of all adventures


For luxury experience Pinnacle Ski works alongside trusted partners, creating exclusive experiences, adventures and memories across the world that will last forever. 


We design adventures across the globe to break free from the normal travel holiday.


From superyacht skiing in Greenland and Patagonia to cat-skiing in Canada, ski tour local mountains from the Norwegian fjords or exploring the arctic wilderness, we can offer you the most exclusive and one-of-a-kind luxury experience.


Whether you’ve got a life milestone or a big achievement to mark, there is no better way to celebrate than with a once-in-a-lifetime ski luxury experience.


Call it a bucket list, a wish list, or simply a to-do list. At Pinnacle Ski we can make those one-of-a-kind, out of this world, mountain experiences a dream that can come true.

Greenland Ski Touring & Yacht Skiing


The pleasure of this trip is about the immersive experience it gives you in this unique landscape and culture. Accessing ski peaks by dogsled, zodiac, jetboat, helicopter and skidoo whilst exploring the uninhabited mountainous region on the east coast of Greenland. You will stay in a comfortable mountain lodge sleeping up to 14 people, living alongside the local community. 

Ski virgin slopes on unclimbed peaks with your friends – this is Greenland at its best!


Baffin Island


Baffin Island is the spectacular homeland of the inuit and an Arctic playground for the adventurous. One of the last untouched skiable wildernesses in the world. You will be taken by helicopter or cat onto uncharted mountainsides. The base is a private Arctic camp which consists of four geodesic dome tents. During April & May you can enjoy the midnight sun giving you plenty of time to admire the landscape and wildlife that inhabit this wilderness.


Global Ski


This outstanding trip is completely designed around you and to fit around your lifestyle. Spend one week skiing in Europe or Japan to 6 weeks through the season around the world. Ski touring in Lyngen, powder fields in BC and yacht skiing in Patagonia. 


Winter in Europe, Canada, USA and Asia,

Spring in Russia, Turkey and Greenland

Summer in Chile and Patagonia


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